Benefit to large matters: how they change and why

The labor Ministry is preparing amendments to the legislation. From 42 to 73 500 370 tenge in Kazakhstan will pay all families with 4 and more children. Regardless of their income.

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7 Oct the government the Minister of labour and social protection of population Birzhan Nurymbetov told how the government plans to support large families. Notorious 10 504 tenge, which now receive a family with 4 children, born before 1 January 2018, with the introduction of targeted social assistance (TSA) was abolished.

To help it

“The new state allowances are designed to all large families of the country, regardless of income,” the Minister said about implementing the innovation. — “It’s 4 and more minor children. If the children are enrolled full-time in colleges and institutions of higher education, until the age of 23. But if this family’s income will relate to low-income family, she also, in addition to this Handbook, will be paid ASP”.

Why does the government have changed their attitude to using large? Because admitted Nurymbetov, while the distribution of ASP families with the same number of children, but with the difference in income in the 400-500 tenge, refused to appoint ASP.

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So, from the speech of the Minister that:

  • all large families with 4 or more children will receive 42 500 tenge per month;
  • large families, bringing up disabled child, in addition to 42 500, will receive disability benefits (the child), a parent caring for them — care allowance for a disabled child;
  • if the family is still poor, all those payments will add another ASP.

It would seem, a good initiative for socially-oriented state. Recipients of TSA in Kazakhstan 417 thousand families, which is 2.3 million citizens. Is it fair that the rest will pay for the large army and the poor? These are the questions we asked the President of the Center for social and political research “Strategy” Gulmira Ileuova.

Wages mothers

— Gulmira think, do I need to pay this benefit to all families — even those who are not in need of government assistance? In the end, all these pleasures for one group of the population cause resentment among those who are planning a family.

Ileuova kartinka - Benefit to large matters: how they change and why

Gulmira Ileuova

In the spring I did a presentation on this topic. In our country, 340 700 families having 4 and more children. A lot or a little? I think a little, given our traditions of having many children.

As for the price issue

42 500 tenge really not so much money, not to give them to all large families

Because in any case a mother’s work is endless. Especially when a lot of children. Mothers perform so many functions in the home that cannot be replaced neither her husband nor a baby-sitter. A mother’s work is hard work. And this work, I believe, should be rewarded.

But I have another question: why is the government suddenly changed its attitude to the benefits? If it’s only in the pre-election situation in the fact that this category of rocks the environment, then you can start a movement to return the money, as was the case with ASP. Here the question of the quality and thoroughness of decisions. Forced repayment of paid help was even worse than if it does not give.

If a new solution will be the same crude, not sufficiently developed, as in previous times, it will lead to problems.

— Explanation: many families with a large number of children have not received ASP only because their income was 400 tenge above the required minimum.

— That’s what I’m talking about. So, the first solution not worked and poorly implemented.

And if such things happen then these same risks still apply to the following sentences

You need to consider the costs of the administrative order. Because, first, people have low awareness. Who heard will come. Others do not come. Then you begin to understand. But all this should be calculated in advance. Than to take the time to implement and take the time to voice such things, you better reconsider.

Extra money

— If in a poor family of many children, and one of them is invalid, there will be 4 types of benefits — for large families, the child disability allowance, parent allowance to care for a disabled child plus ASP. Is this correct?

Is good. I understand your hint of paternalism, but people have now for very little money. Prices are rising, health care is expensive. Very difficult to survive, really. And someone 42 500 tenge a month to be extremely useful.

— Not easier then this tutorial is called mother’s salary?

— Yes, there is in principle no difference how to call it, the important thing is that the work mothers need to pay. Don’t know if there’s something similar in other countries. Here we have not began to pretend to be innovators, and was named simply by many children benefit.

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