“According to our young, abroad all live happily ever after” — an overview of kissme

5f6d79acb1d7cf77cb1f1fbee091d369 600x400 - "According to our young, abroad all live happily ever after" — an overview of kissme

That opinion has been shared by a journalist Mariyam Absattar, writes Abai.kz.

She writes that astonished youth, and values of this generation is scaring her.

“The young, abroad all live happily ever after. Kazakhstan is viewed by many not as their country, native land and sacred space, but only as a temporary shelter” — it is indignant.

Mariyam itself can not be abroad longer than a week, it immediately wants to go home.

“Personally, I long to be in a foreign country, missing even three days. First enjoying the sea, the second — their museums, and on the third day I already miss their native land.

What kind of heart you need to have to permanently leave their country? I, like Abaya, scares the young generation”, — said Absattar.

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