Salafis and humanity are fighting for power in Kazakhstan — Overview of kissme

“The Salafis persistently cram the Arab tradition, and they are already operating. Gulenist they want to act policy, the Turks destroyed from within.”

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This opinion on the portal expressed by the author Baghlan Managing.

They are ashamed to be Kazakhs

In his opinion, since the beginning of 2000-ies in the internal politics began to interfere with various religious beliefs. Their outrageous representatives sit firmly in their seats. However, he believes that

politics shouldn’t interfere religion, and sects that hide behind it

“All of them want only one thing — power. Want to climb up and carry out its policy. The Salafis persistently cram the Arab tradition, and humanity they want to act policy, the Turks destroyed from the inside. And both of these groups are ashamed to be Kazakhs. They reject the traditions and customs of the ancestors” — the author writes.

They are calculated

The members of these groups, middle and low rank are all less likely to engage in verbal sparring on social networks. They do not hide from others, to what kind of group includes. So people with a dispassionate look revealed their intentions to occupy high positions. The example of Managing leads post public activist Bauyrzhan D., who writes:

Are you ready to become a khilafat state Mukhtar of Tijan performances of Mukhamedzhan Tazabek

“Here we have the first signs of Islamic influence in politics. Turkey has humanity, norouzy, Panturkist and nationalists. In public policy and shaping public opinion, they have weight. There are political parties which aim at coming to power”.

Bauyrzhan Serikbaev suggests that

the Islamic factor in politics, if not today, then tomorrow can become a problem for us

“Young people are the future politicians now have to examine these trends and their development. And the leaders behind them, should know. It’s part of our society. Maybe not now, but during the weakening of the state system these factors will necessarily affect policy.

In the future, the scene can get politicians that support certain religious current. We now can see, as a youth, including the educated, is divided in camps and do not mind back to criticize each other. I think that today’s control system to future generations will be passed the problem of the Islamic factor in politics,” he wrote.

The struggle between ideologies

The journalist cites the example of the material of Turarbek Kusainova. He wrote that sects and politics have long been closely linked.

“The main feature differences of Islamic schools from organizations built on other people’s religious ideologies, is that

they constantly strive to find supporters in the branches of government

This is not only a part of the strategic plan to achieve power, but also resource security”,

— wrote Turarbek Kusainov.

Salafis are deprived of Kazakh athletes sporting spirit — art

But to implement such a plan stray currents make good use of “mechanisms of influence on the senses” of tradition, nationalism, patriotism. So they Supplement their ranks poets, writers, journalists, singers, actors and athletes who can skillfully “to preach.”

Sometimes they even speak on spiritual topics before the military and police to ensure the safety of our territory

“In religion there is no coercion,” say religious ideology, but their actions sometimes go beyond the principle of secularism. At a favorable moment, using the resources of power, they can lead to instability in society… I noticed that among the preachers of religious ideologies is a struggle to attract to its ranks of one or another authoritative person in power,” writes Turarbek Kusainov.

Keep your eyes peeled

According to him, at the time humanity at the time teamed up with the Salafis and was even close to the RAMU. Information-ideological base of this group at that time was weak. And only poets aytyskery, being adherents of Salafi, sometimes criticized practicing dhikr. Also, in his opinion,

many of adhering to the Salafi currents are “techies”

Among them, the graduates of military educational institutions trained in various sectors of the economy.

“But it is also worth considering and uneducated Salafis. It is they who, yielding to emotions, give their spiritual leaders in power.

And humanity do not give her. They do not have any external signs of beards and short pants. They may be next. And it’s dangerous for society”,

— the author writes.

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