“Information on infant death spread prematurely” — the lawyer

The scandal with the death of a baby in the hospital of Atyrau state agencies rushed to publish the information, said the lawyer Oleg Chernov.

05a312a292bb8b376d9a30602b618039 - "Information on infant death spread prematurely" — the lawyer

The presumption of innocence

The lawyer says that the Agency for anti-corruption prematurely announced this information.

“Yes, they have the right to publish this information. However, only if the publication will not affect any rights of persons who are prosecuted

The rights of doctors are affected, because in their relation there is no procedural act. No matter how, it is necessary that the court finally issued a procedural decision.

When the guilt of a defendant proves, only then can you say who did it, — said the lawyer.

The investigation needs to complete

Chernov believes that a medical mistake could take place, but still must complete a full investigation.

“Now drop information in the media, but it’s premature

Let the case be completed. Most importantly, the pre-trial investigation body conducted business legally and without violations”, — concluded the Chernov.

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