Scandal in the adaptation center for homeless Taraz: how do we treat and how to feed (VIDEO)

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A journalist from Taraz Bulat Amantayev about a month living in the center for the homeless and saw what was happening with my own eyes. Here are his impressions.

— To do every day what people do. They do not take the tests as arrived no drugs and documents. There is a third case, it is lying. There is a very scary and smells, I immediately threw up. I twice bandaging hurt my leg, but only smeared with green paint and alcohol. By the way, the last time it was replaced by three accountants, the journalist said.

To publish it on Instagram already responded akimat of Taraz. We offer you to look at the published videos. And under each of them briefly described the translation into Russian language.

Truth or fiction?


— The Patient Suprunov. We gave him all the bandages, he came to us in serious condition. We give him all the meds, look and. Made appointments. But he’s in such serious condition. We are here to serve these patients.

From the editor: the other day Suprunov died.

Aunt Ainur requests 30 thousand tenge. I’m telling the truth.

Who is Aynur? Zeitmagazin? (charge nurse — ed.)

Yes. She asked for 30 thousand.


For disability. Wanted on disability leave. He said that he needed the money. Asked how much, she said 30 thousand. Said not to tell anyone.

— Today is January 12, 2020. As I said yesterday, it’s not passing the medical examination from 2017. Here he passed the examination in 2017. He never sold out HIV, only PB. All these patients we care for, is the voice of the nurse Halipa Burkitbaeva. Nurses changing their diapers, doing the injections, make dressings. Here Muratbaev in 2017 has passed x-ray: chronic bronchitis, previously had TB. Shalunov, mental patient. Filippov, without documents, is the seal of 2018 from the mental hospital and the psychiatrist, RV and no HIV. Alexey Bobrov — too. These are not hand over documents. Saliev, he leaves the centre again attached. In 2018 HIV has passed, has the release. In 2018 in February for admission tests. Now in 2020, what with him now, we don’t know.

Kozhaniyazov too. There is hypertensive, asthmatic. We do them injections, provide first aid. Litovkin, Tkachenko, Samokhvalov. It took place in 2019 in April. Now he had a large wound. Still it became clear that a wound from him. No papers can show it to Oncology. What kind of wound from what she, no one finds out, was not put to the test.

We do dressings that we have

It was examined by the surgeons, were sent to the oncologist. Oncologists do not watch without papers. Mukhametgalin came in 2018 in December. Two years have passed, there are no tests. All we give them medical care. Leople’s not my fault that they have no documents.

Them from the state needs to allocate funds. For this you need to leave the application, yesterday this was discussed at the meeting. I talked about this to a senior nurse when he did not take the samples from people without documents.

“People without documents we can’t register in the computer,” he said. “Let’s take some action, write to the administration, in health, ask for money,” I told him

Avdonin, for example, it is written out, and then back again. Without documents nothing can pass. Grave handed over in 2018. This man goes running, walking, without documents can not pass a medical examination. Rozhnov, for example, from Kyrgyzstan. He is insulin-dependent, diabetes. He has HIV or not, we don’t know. That it happens in the body? Raimbaev — he has the documents. RV and HIV have been rewritten from his / her documents. The rest were not completed. Yerzhanov is also nothing came through 2018. In 2018 has passed x-ray. For 2019 there is no x-ray. Medvedskaya — on foot has a wound. We do dressings and destination.

All these people are citizens. They are all walking, 2nd building, 6th ward. There, too, people with disabilities and people without papers, why not pass a physical. Some are written from the center and after some time, come back again. Without documents. Where they were, where they lived, where it was? Perhaps lying in the basements, maybe they got bit by a rat. Don’t know what happens to them. Before taking the tests and checked for cholera, plague. People with documents come with a physical examination and tests. If all came, we would work without fear.

People without documents — what happens if they get sick? Because their rights are violated

A senior nurse said that the budget money is not allocated. Though x-rays are allowed to do. We are now lying sick Shamaev, when he was in our center, had tuberculosis, then he was placed in a tubdispanser. Then we all passed x-ray.


— Nurgalinova discharged 12 November 2019, and then again returning to the center. Write that she needed to pass the KLA, OAM and so on. But on this day she was sent to the Hacienda. It is defined as psihbolnyh, but don’t give disability. In the video she says that the disability are asking 30 thousand. Due to the fact that it leaked, November 12, she wanted to send to the Hacienda. This is all recorded in the logs. I’m afraid that these logs are then lost.

For disability? How many requests?

30 thousand.

To take her out? Without this in any way?

I do not know. Said to myself, I looked. He says winter is I can’t work and have to leave. But I’m going to work. You may be able to work, you need to try.


— Treatment room. The adaptation center. Peroxide 6%, but there is a 3%. Never sterilized. Was the contract with the 1st clinic, but now it is not. Meager inventory of drugs. Here the devices. They should be sterilized, but they are not sterilized. Used to take tests for cholera and plague, but now there is no contract, so anybody on is not checked.

Then lists the expiration dates of the medicines.

The essence of the conflict

It turns out that in December 2019 inside of the center staff had a conflict. Halilu Burkitbaeva on the statement of the chief nurse Aynur Alimovoy punished with a reprimand because she had not conducted the establishment of monitoring and did not perform the tasks entrusted to it.

In response to this Burkitbayev wrote a complaint to the management center and sent it to the city authorities. Here is a partial list of claims:

  • 3 years patients not tested no for HIV, nor cholera, nor plague, nor for AIDS. Because it was not made agreements with dermatovenerologic dispensary and AIDS Center. They don’t want to see people without documents, and we have to work with them;
  • their rights are violated, our rights. Only do x-rays for tuberculosis;
  • in the centre of a shortage of medicines, chlorine. We are trying to do the sterilization of the tools, but sometimes you have to inject the already used tools;
  • after a night shift we are forced to go out on Saturday;
  • forced to make repairs to employees;
  • don’t give time bonus. The amounts decided by the Director, and it can crop for any errors;
  • nurses and security guards issued unwarranted reprimands. And this is the basis for cuts in salaries and bonuses;
  • I didn’t explain myself, because the clock on the camera and my head are not the same. I demanded to get a watch set on the camera, then to reports there were differences;
  • tAK as we have a hospice there, too, on the camera the other hours. If tomorrow people will die, our recorded time may not match the time on the camera. I don’t want to take responsibility.

For comments about these accusations, we asked the Director of the center for adaptation Gauhar Seitkazieva.

— Recently you have in the team division, audited. Guests complain of extortion and poor care. What you have going on?

— We have nothing terrible happens. I don’t even know, this information has launched the journalist Bulat Amantayev. We have him for about a month and gone, writing a thank you letter. He thanked us, his suit, and then he somehow got.

Our medic has been provided by discrediting us information. And the medic at the moment, says Amantaeva asked not to distribute it

and he still spread. In addition, she says she asked him to get a publication in a social network, and he opposed.

Foul play or concealment of the facts?

— In relation to your subject Halipa Burkitbaeva drawn up the act, she reprimanded. Is her statement, where she writes about violations in the center.

She wrote in a statement. Then we had a truce, she recalled him, today the work is not carried out. All cancelled, because the fact was tested, I was present. But when they had to make a decision on terms established by the legislation, we had a truce. All she there told need to discuss on the phone. If you come to us, we can talk to the matron and doctors who control medical supplies and their time.

On the January date we stock there were no expired medicines. All that we have, with good time

There is a video with the alleged expired drugs. Their origin is unclear. If you delve into details from a legal point of view, the video says nothing. Where this medicine on your desktop? Our it or not — there is no evidence. There is no fact of issuing these drugs the head nurse. In a statement, she wrote it all, but she’s our medic. If not satisfied, why isn’t she brought this up to me?

Until September 2019 contracts we do, because, again, from medical claims about the existence of any kind of problems were reported. Tests done of the hospital, although they are all on self-financing. Humanly did everything for free. The head nurse says that no such tests are not brought to my attention.

Before I came to this position, we have concluded two agreements x — rays at the medical center and outpatient services. Who is IIN, assigned to the clinic as gospechati as much as we do. We have a contract with a clinic near us. It on a paid basis makes the analysis of those who do not have IIN. There are those who have red passports (since Soviet times -ed.). Anyone have the PIN, why do we have to pay for them? They get services for free.

There she wrote a lot, but these facts are not particularly confirmed

Let’s say you watched a video with gaspereau, which accuses the head nurse of extorting money?

The destiny of man

— 30 thousand tenge for disability?

Yes. We have 120 gospechati. This video is prepared. Nurgalinova Guliani has a mental diagnosis, is registered in the mental hospital. She is like an adult child — as it is set up, so she will speak. It knows the whole center. Why are they attracted her as a witness, I do not understand. She lives with us because he has no livelihood, no income, housing.

And previously where she lived?

— Na few years ago ee brought some organization. She didn’t even have ID. We assisted in the restoration of documents it was in 2019. Began to prepare documents on receiving her disability, because we don’t install, it makes the Commission, we are just preparing it for the passage of a fee.

Went to the clinic to see the doctor and he was diagnosed, according to which disability is not assigned

She had a mild form of mental disorder. Article 80 of the code of civil procedure of the RK says that the person with a mental disorder may not be brought as a witness. It is viewed from a legal point of view.

In the video you can notice that her whisper what to say and how. The video starts with her words that she extorted 30 thousand. And that was before this shooting? And anyway, where is the logic, because the disability imposed not we. Guliani children are in the orphanage in Taraz. She was a poor woman, and I consider it blasphemy to involve her in these dirty games.

There the team had internal differences, but they are allowed

Khalipa gave information Amantaeva? I absolutely don’t know, but he picked up the dirty game and start to finish. She said clearly that no claims has. We came to an agreement. She went to the social security office, I withdrew the statement — and all conflict is settled. We talked, listened to each other. We need to enter into contracts with hospitals for services they refuse for free servicing. Now doctors are preparing memos, what contracts you need to sign in the near future. We will require funds so that the work went seamlessly.

Food and medicine

— As for the red passport and bad food. You know, we have food standards. Of course, they are not like nursing homes where people live permanently, they are for shelters. In my opinion, this is the order of the Minister of health. Those standards require that we eat. Amantayev journalist lived with us, he had nowhere to go, it was a difficult situation, we took him in. Why didn’t he say that he doesn’t like something, when he lived with us? He’s thanked. Chefs say that the requested addition, praised.

— Have you seen the video where the medic center examines the cards of guests? She said that over the years, they are not tested for HIV and syphilis, the names of calls. People without documents. The 6th ward is living retired Kim, who generally have to live in a nursing home as receive a pension. Why all this happens?

— Kim is not retired, he is a disabled group II, he had in October to go to the hospital, then providerinitiated, he should get away from us. We are all legitimate, if not try to suck from a finger problem.

Yes, a lot of people with red passports, because the conversion of documents in order the process is very long.

There are residents of Russia, Ukraine, Bashkortostan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan. We at the standard are required to take,

because they have nowhere to go. For recovery of documents ms working with the immigration service. Why does the process take years? Because when we are talking about citizens of Kazakhstan, the queries are sent to the Consulate. And there are rules — second request can be done only after six months. Here we make them and waiting for answers. And they can not send. Or send a response that data are not available. Even our migration service does. We can do a queryto pick up data about a person’s birth, and we can say that there is no information. It is the human factor, someone with which to work. That’s one and the same person doing the query a few times, as time goes on.

— How long have you been in this position?

Two and a half years.

Budget and expenditure

— How much money the state allocates for one ward?

— We have this, that each ward is allocated a particular amount. Every year in General is about 100-102 million tenge. This includes the salary of our staff and Board, and supplies, and medicines, etc. So to say how much money is spent on one gotopagepage, it depends on how you look at it. Condition are different, so I say to you our total budget.

And he does not change and does not depend on the growth of MCI?

— No, it increases when rising prices for consumables and materials. Or if we decide to purchase a fixed asset, say a car or something, the money will be advanced.

In the beginning you said that guests 120. This is the maximum limit?

On such amount calculated center.

— You have the third case, where are non-ambulant. And there, according to residents, there is a poor sanitation and terrible stench. There was even a case where people are fed foul eggs, and all had diarrhea. As you do is buy some food?

— We have suppliers who won the tender, everything is transparent. They and brought.

We can’t break all the eggs to check where something can be marriage. It is generally we had for the first time

We immediately called the supplier, wrote a letter about the return of the whole party. I spoke with him. But he buys them at the poultry farm and can not look inside each. This was the first time, and that’s when Amantaeva. And it is this dirt and things out.

Patients and care

— What sense it to do?

So there is some purpose. I haven’t talked to him. Next. Yes, we have the third case, you can come and see. It is not invented by us. Only three corps — psychological compatibility, health and sex. One — a female, there are 21 bed. The second case — the walking men. And the third case is the lying. All together, we are unable to combine. The body perfect cleanliness, order, everything is whitewashed and painted, but the smell can not escape. It is designed for 33 beds, and we have it Packed. Recently heavy people began to arrive a lot.

They rot under him walk?

Yes, Yes. Understand, such a small housing with three chambers. And he was so hammered that city hospital has outraged why we do not accept. And where put them? We have sought opportunities. Someone got a disability or retired — sent to other institutions. Dying cancer patients. In this case, understand, flowers will not smell. There really is very difficult, they are all under him go.

According to the state standard for one ward to have only one diaper per day. What do we do? The money to buy extra?

My employee in such circumstances, do this a hell of a job, and for us it is not underpaid.

I note that in the 3rd case the people are mostly the red passport. It is our misfortune and pain. And to say that we have something broken… We, on the contrary, make their life a little better. The fact that the video is lying seriously ill… take it insisted ghorodska the hospital because he had nowhere to go. People came from Russia, he has no shelter, nobody wants it and is seriously ill. He had cirrhosis of the liver, pneumonia, shortness of breath. He ‘s doing our last days, like a hospice. And we are not hospice. But if we don’t have him, they would have written, what we are inhuman.

HIV testing

— And about the fact that many of the walking you will live, then leave and go back? And your nurse said that they 2017-2018 did not pass the tests for HIV and syphilis. There is a video where it shows their personal Affairs. They also need to check.

Is another video. But I now about it can’t say anything because I’m not a doctor. Give me this information, we will check. In cards I do not climb. If it dawned on me that information, I would understand. But so far from what I’ve heard, no fact is not particularly confirmed.

We went to the warehouse, and expired medicines no. Where did she get this information, I don’t know

You said that there is no agreement with the AIDS center. But HIV tests are free, our HIV-infected go there. Sometimes they’re calling us and asking for information, do we have such a man. They all are registered. We can’t infringe on the rights of people living with HIV.

The video cards we sent to charge nurse Aynur Alimovoy. She only confirmed that this is the voice Halipa Burkitbaeva, and declined to comment. Referred to medical secret.

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