“We have preconceived notions about nursing homes” — an overview of kissme

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. According to him, those who had departed from the parental nest, do not feel. But those who are married and living with their parents or long walks in the singles, I feel all the “charms” on their skin.

“Many great and intelligent people, who are considered teachers of the nation did not always live in peace and harmony with their children,” writes Murtaza.

In this regard, the blogger offers to change preconceived notions about nursing homes.

“The Kazakhs are terrified of nursing homes and I think that is the worst thing that could happen to them

And if these nursing homes to provide necessary items to provide their inhabitants five meals, qualified medical aid, to organize interesting leisure than they would be worse than the sanatorium?” he writes.

Of course, everyone would like to take tea from the hands of the daughter-in-law to babysit grandchildren and die in 99 years. But, unfortunately, such dreams are not for everyone.

“One son is silly, the other daughter-in-law scandalous. In old age it will be difficult for them to explain anything and something to teach

In the corner, typing in your mouth water to sit your 70-year-old wife, and you, 85-year-old, could barely move, and even daughter-in-law ever unhappy face. Why is it necessary?” writes Samat Nurtaza.

Isn’t it better to spend time with your peers who are also sick and also toothless, and play with them in game, wrote the blogger.

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