What gadgets are dangerous to children: the opinion of Dr. Komarovsky

Blacklist Yevgeny Komarovsky got a TV, handheld electronic devices and video games.

c8736a2ce498d458452b867ff1589dc9 - What gadgets are dangerous to children: the opinion of Dr. KomarovskySource: ua.news

With elements of violence, with or without – does not matter. Ukrainian pediatrician warns: if you want to raise a healthy child up to three years to strictly limit his access to modern smart devices.

From that age until five years of age are allowed (read – highly recommended) to watch TV (and nothing more) only one hour a day. From 6 to 12 years is allowed to increase the viewing time by half, but still should be banned handheld devices and video games. The same number of hours of television programs without elements of violence Dr. Komarovsky advises to spend up to 18 years.

Failure to comply with these rules face great challenges mentally (loss of self-control) and physical (obesity) development, sleep disorders, and risk of phobias, aggression in reality and digital dementia. Harmful radiation by default.

Dr. Komorowski has arrived in Almaty to talk about how gadgets affect the health of schoolchildren. Tell Eugene about what we need to know parents and teachers about the body of a modern child.

The lecture will be held on Thursday, October 24, in a small theater. Auezov. Beginning at 17:00, admission is free.

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