Fleet of Kazakhstan is rapidly aging

The share of old cars in the country grows, the share of new cars is seriously reduced.

a92bce62af94879d4e67d26a2dda008a - Fleet of Kazakhstan is rapidly agingSource: media-polesye.by

According to ranking.kzincreased the number of cars aged 3 to 7 years: 18.2%, the share rose from 12.6% to 15.7%. Almost two-thirds of all registered cars older than 10 years, their number decreased by 2.9%, while the proportion increased from 63% to 64.8%. Most notably reduced the number of cars aged less than 3 years: 25.9%, the share declined from 13.2% to 10.4%.

On the changing age composition of cars in Kazakhstan have reacted and the banks: the loan can be issued on a used car age more than 10 years. Just a few years ago the vast majority of banks indicated the criterion for age of the vehicle up to 7 years, in rare cases up to 10 years.

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