Almaty colleges go to the open space format

In one of the educational institutions of Almaty after optimization of space, increased number of specialties.

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One component of the prevention of corruption is to increase transparency and accessibility for the population, including through the transition from the office to the open space format.

Today the Chairman of the Agency for anti-corruption Alik on Friday visited a number of educational institutions of Almaty, during which he examined the process of transition to an open format.

So, by optimizing offices for the administrative staff in Almaty printing College has increased the number of classrooms, which as a result helped to increase the number of students and the number of occupations.

The Director, his assistants and all teaching staff are housed on the first floor in the glazed cabinets. The released area was transferred to improve the quality of the educational process.

To optimize the training took place in 4 specialties, whereas after the project the number of majors has increased to 12.

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Due to the produced optimization offices staff increased the number of classrooms from 20 to 48.

— The transition to an open format, it gives an important signal to the society. It symbolizes a change in the organizational culture of the institution, our desire and ability to work in accordance with the requirements of time, — said Alik Friday.

The implementation of this development in educational institutions of Almaty is intended to facilitate communication with the population allowed to increase the degree of trust of the population to education and to reduce susceptibility to corruption offenses.

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