Al-Farabi in Almaty partially overlaps

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February 23, according to al-Farabi Avenue will host a winter race. Motorists are kindly requested to adjust the routes.

“The organizing Committee informs the residents and guests of the southern capital of partial restriction of vehicular movement on al-Farabi in the event period from 08.00 to 11.30,” — said the organizers of the marathon.

Movement to the West along al-Farabi Ave. from Nazarbayev to Zheltoksan street West will be closed from 06.00 to 08.00. Before 8.00 am will be available the tunnel from Dostyk Ave. under Nazarbayev.

Movement in a westerly direction along the Avenue al-Farabi (lower side) from St. Nazarbayev to Gagarin Ave. will be completely closed from 08.00 to 11.30. To traffic will be available to the southern part of al-Farabi.

To get to the start-finish town near the business center “Nurly-Tau” it will be possible for street children or street side West of Zheltoksan. And on the bus at the al-Farabi Avenue in the Eastern direction.

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