Amanzholova urged doctors at the perinatal center to operate without regard to the scandals

“Every duty for the doctor – a feat”, — said the Deputy of Majilis of Parliament.

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Prior to the perinatal center, where two doctors suspected of murder of the newborn was visited by a delegation under the leadership of Berdibek Saparbayev, Deputy Prime Minister of Kazakhstan, reports MIA “Kazinform”.

In the delegation were also the deputies of the Majilis of the Parliament. Zauresh Amanzholova, for example, conducted a thorough inspection. She said that today saw the hospital come women who intend to become mothers. Talked to them. Amanzholova claims that many doctors believe and not doubt their professionalism.

“What is happening now is hurt the team. You can see a little bit of fear. Why? Because for every action today, the doctor is afraid that it will be punished. Therefore, every duty of a doctor is a feat. Need a quick decision. To put the question about the operation or its cancellation? That is, this is an emergency where delay should not be. And the doctor without risk cannot be a doctor,” — said the Deputy.

Amanzholova also drew attention to the fact that 31 center employee wrote applications on dismissal at own will.

“Manpower policy in the health sector in our country is not comforting. And the more that quit obstetrician-gynecologists, neonatologists, Intensivists. In hospitals, a particular profession – such professionals are sorely lacking,” — said Zauresh Amanzholova.

The Deputy believes that doctors need to pay less attention to the scandals.

“The doctor at the perinatal center to work today without regard to what is happening. Just give all your knowledge and experience, helping women to become mothers”, — said Zauresh Amanzholova.

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