Anti-corruption service held the “Accelerator good”

The anti-corruption service of Almaty city carried out large-scale social campaign “Accelerator good.”

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Volunteer activity – a relevant topic in the world. Active citizens, gathering in the initiative group, voluntarily and freely help the orphanages, specialized medical institutions and children in need of any assistance.

Citizens of Kazakhstan is very actively involved in charitable and social life of the country. This is evidenced by the quantitative indicators of the volunteers involved in organizing and conducting sporting events, charity marathons and other programs.

The head of state Kassym-Jomart Tokayev at the forum of Kazakh-Russian youth supported the initiative to declare next year the year of the volunteer in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

So, in anticipation of the Year of youth in the framework of the project “Almaty – Amaldi Alay” 7 October, the anti-corruption service of Almaty together with mayor’s office and the Institute Sorbonne-Kazakhstan University. Abaya presented a large-scale charity social project “Accelerator of kindness”, which will be built on the principle of providing volunteer services. The presentation was attended by the Chairman of the Agency for combating corruption on Friday A. J., Deputy akim of Almaty Babakumarov E. J., representatives of diplomatic missions, members of the special monitoring group.

The project will contribute to increasing the activity of civil society, involving the greater part in volunteering, especially young people. The aim of the project is the cultivation of society to the principles of integrity and honesty and obliges people to do great deeds, great deeds, exploits, simple vital actions as helping people.

A good accelerator is a project which involves a group of volunteers from among students of the movement “Sglc elss” (“Ambassadors of integrity”).

A volunteer works without compensation, seeks to contribute to the implementation of socially significant projects. Instead, he gets experience in the team, the opportunity to participate in various activities, to do good actions and deeds.

Anyone can become a participant of this movement, whether it is a staff Agency, commercial organization, school class, or just a good citizen. Helping people choose based on their capabilities, whether it’s helping veterans, cleaning senior citizens, beautification of parks and streets, cleaning sources, gathering and taking clothes to the needy, protection of animals, assistance in organizing children’s clubs, tutoring and teaching children and more.

Information about good deeds of citizens or groups (optional), collection of applications and appeals, training, volunteering, questionnaire to people in need will be posted on the portal Accelerator good.

The Chairman of the Agency Alik on Friday expressed hope that the project in the future will show its worth and will be scaled in all regions of the country, where any citizen who needs help can get it.

This project is “an Accelerator of the good” and aims at helping people to make the first step in helping compatriots.

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