Arab-Kurdish threaten Turkey’s “total war”

The fighting will start if Ankara will transfer troops to the North of Syria.

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In Turkey received threats from the Arab-Kurdish groups “Syrian democratic forces”. Formation of representative Mustafa Bali promised to start a war across the border, if Ankara will attempt to deploy a military operation in the North of Syria, reports

“SDS (Syrian democratic forces) is committed to the framework of the security mechanism and take the necessary steps to preserve stability in the region. However, we will not hesitate to make any unprovoked attack Turkey in all-out war across the border, to protect itself and its people,” wrote Mustafa Bali to twitter.

We will remind, President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that Ankara is ready for a military operation in Syria.

“Turkey is not going to close eyes on US support of terrorists, YPG/PKK,” said Erdogan.

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