“Our Astana”: the hero of the movie paid

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It turned out that in 2017 Akhmetzhanov was convicted of hooliganism and deliberate damage of property, according to Tengrinews.kz. He received five years of imprisonment, however, in the framework of the humanization of the legislation, the term was replaced by restriction of freedom with the passage of the probation control.

12 October when the video was taken, Akhmetzhanov had is at home. Because of the systematic violations, the court decided to replace restriction of freedom real time. Ahmetzhanova was sentenced to two years three months and seven days in a penal colony.

— October 11, 2019 Akhmetzhanov was not at home after 22:00. 15 th Akhmetzhanov did not attend probation supervision. On this day, the probation officers went to the home of the convict, where he was not. Akhmetzhanov repeatedly violated the conditions of the sentence. The petition of the probation service on the replacement of restriction of freedom for the deprivation of liberty was satisfied. Was brought about the presence of the house from 22:00 to 6:00. Along with this you not notified the authorities of the probation officer of change of residence. You should have twice per month, 15th and 30 th, to report to the probation service control. You have repeatedly violated the terms of the sentence, the court took into account, said the judge.

The convicted admitted his guilt and repented of his actions.

— I agree with everything. Sorry. I couldn’t be on probation control due to the turmoil at home. Parents got sick, due to the fact that the video spread. The video was filmed over a month and a half up to the hype and sent the other, said Akhmetzhanov.

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