Bayan Alagyzova issued a secret pregnancy Dilnaz Ahmadieva

Bayan Alagyzova published in Instagram Stories behind the scenes of filming. And there are sealed Dilnaz akhmadieva with a rounded belly.

Some time later, the video has spread on social media and appeared on an Instagram-posting.

The footage — Dilnaz akhmadieva with a very big belly. Apparently, the shooting was not staged, as the voice-over claims that the secret is out.

“Look how beautiful we women Dolecek, Galia. And they are all waiting for a miracle! Zugasti bolsyn! I revealed the secret,” commented Bayan Alagyzova.

In addition Dilnaz, in the video there are other stars: Asha Matai, Galiya Muratova, lyailya Sultangazi, Dana Aseeva.

Recall that the celebrity is now married to musician Ailana by Satbaeva. The couple was in a relationship for three years, then the young people decided to legalize the affair. And apparently, happy.

7f0c202080faae79309c9123a81c9904 e1573712479650 - Bayan Alagyzova issued a secret pregnancy Dilnaz AhmadievaPhoto: social networks

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