Bayan Alagyzova spoke about the choice of

nephew Nephew Bayan Lagunovoi spill the beans to his future wife that Bayan Alagyzova told him about her. Before you make an offer hands and hearts, Aydar yesterday went for advice to his aunt.

Alagyzova immediately instructed family member, and told about his ward.

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“Is Aidar came to the Bayan Maksutovna and asked for her blessings. She said: “Jarkynai a good girl, don’t hurt her, don’t let extinguish the fire in her eyes, be her support and a good husband.” I was very surprised when he told me about it. Frankly, I was very pleased”, — said Garcinai in the program “ShowNewsKZ”.

Now Garcini preparing for marriage. The actress has no plans to quit the work, but managed to get the priorities right — first the husband, then career. The girl does not mind that her future husband was engaged in actor’s craft.

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