A fugitive from the military unit near Shymkent sold two gun — MIA

pistolet 600x400 - A fugitive from the military unit near Shymkent sold two gun — MIA

Both pistols have been seized by investigators. This was on the sidelines of the government said the chief of the investigation Department of the Ministry of interior Sanzhar Adilov. According to him, the first Bhoginbhai steal a little bit.

“Since the end of January to mid-February, he, being unnoticed, having access to the storage of weapons, one or two units have committed embezzlement,

quoted Adilova tengrinews.kz. —

As for theft of guns, then he invited his civilian friends. The main weapon still was stolen in the night from 19 to 20 February (…) Else [besides sold pistols] weapons were stored at his civil friends.”

Escape of the soldier with arms, detained the commander of the division

According to the head of the Department, just a soldier stole 29 guns, 28 guns and two bayonet-a knife. The kidnapped have been seized by law enforcement agencies.

Bhoginbhai and some weapons disappeared from military air defense units near Shymkent on February 20. The evening of the same day it became known about detention of the fugitive. The investigation is conducted by a joint investigative group of employees of the interior Ministry and the KNB.

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