Eagle shorts made in Bali: “there is the plywood is not a ride”

Berkut and Aisha for the second month rest in Bali. After the new year, waving to touring and concerts, the couple flew to wait out the winter on a tropical island. From there the star couple every day, do not forget to share with fans the news.

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Last night, for example, the couple visited one of the bars with live music. The eagle haveto sit still, of course, could not and asked on stage to the musicians. They were friendly people and did not refuse the stranger’s request to sing a few songs.

Picking up the guitar, the eagle was for visitors to a song from the repertoire of the group “Kino”.

“On stage, dudes in shorts,” — commented the eagle.

Most fans supported the artist, drawing on his shorts the slightest attention, but in the comments flashed and a rather caustic remarks.

“There’s not the plywood will ride, have a living voice”; “Tsoi is alive!”; “You moved?”; “You do not cease, the endless show-off” — written by subscribers.

Then the initiative intercepted and rope Sabanov, he also decided to make company to my friends and went to Bali with them.

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