Charity festival “Melodies of magic” opened at the Nur-Sultan

In CCH “Kazakhstan” the opening of the annual charity festival “Melody magic.” The aim of the festival is to provide the necessary assistance to orphanages, to give the guys Christmas gifts, to bring into their lives the atmosphere of attention, kindness and magic. The project was created on the initiative of Dariga Nazarbayeva. The organizer of the festival – Humanitarian Fund “Degdar” supported by t-bills “Kazakhconcert”.13293237c2224f72f06b7c9837d2a0d4 700x394 - Charity festival "Melodies of magic" opened at the Nur-SultanThe festival “Melody magic”

The festival is a fundraiser for the four children’s homes located in rural areas. This year assistance will be provided to the following children’s institutions:

1) a Special set of “kindergarten — boarding school”, the village Uryupino, Akkol district, the Department of education of Akmola region;
2) Municipal public institution “orphanage №8” the Department of education of the East Kazakhstan region;
3) KSU “Litvinsky boarding school for children-orphans and children left without parental care”, Osakarovsky region of the Karaganda region Department of education of the Karaganda region;
4) KSU “Rudny specialized orphanage for children with organic lesions of the Central nervous system and mental disorders” of the Department of health Kostanay region.

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“Children who, for whatever reason, now deprived of parental care are entitled to expect from us, from their compatriots, some participation in the realization of their dreams, as well as kindness and mercy. Last year the festival was collected a sum of 52 million tenge and distributed between four rural children’s homes, covered 209 children. This year we plan to include 315 children. All funds collected during the festival will be aimed at equipping orphanages in rural areas. In addition, due to individual approach to each child, the children receive for the holidays their desired gifts. Fundraising still continues and each of us will be able to participate in philanthropy,” said Laura Akhmetova, Director of the Humanitarian Fund “Degdar”.

“Open space” is the name of the first event in the framework of the festival, which was held with the participation of children from Uryupinsk orphanage. The guys were able to see a performance of “Theatre special actors” to participate in the master classes in painting, pottery, and modern dance, to work in the clubs of robotics, virtual laboratory and the laboratory in chemistry. Also, great entertainment for the children was prepared by the animators. The most anticipated and memorable moment “Open space” was the presentation of gifts. The presents the children received at the hands of Dariga Nazarbayeva.

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“I am very glad to see your happy faces today. I looked at your work and saw how all of you are talented and capable and that makes us very happy. Every one of you in the future will strive for his dream. I wish that all your dreams and desires will come true. Around you and near you so many good and kind people who have dedicated their lives to care for you, who are doing everything that you have achieved the highest success in life. I am very grateful to Tutors and teachers, who are doing everything possible to ensure that your life has been filled with interesting things. Thank you very much, thank you very much”, — said Dariga Nazarbayeva and congratulated all participants with upcoming holidays.

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The festival “Melodies of magic” will be continued on 7 December at 17.00 on the stage of this concert hall. Tonight will be a big concert, which will feature popular arias from operettas, musicals. Participants of the concert: Dariga Nazarbayeva, Medet Chotabayev, Meir Baines, Alfiya Karimova, Azat Malik, Azamat Zheltyrguzov, state of the trio “FORTE TRIO”, symphonic orchestra and choir of “Astana Opera”, conductor Abzal Mukhitdinov. Leading – actor and theater Chingiz Capim.

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