Brother Asha Matai opposed the marriage of the native brother

the youngest member of the family, Asylzhan before to meet in the registry office, went to talk to big brother. However, the first conversation was stalled because of a sense of humor Aydar.

“Said, “Brother, I wanted to talk to you”. He is shy, doesn’t know how to say it. In General, braced myself and said, “I met a girl and want to marry her”. I see that it is not easy, but not showing. I then wanted to over him a little bit. I said to him: “Decided to forward me to get married? Not going to get married, wait until I bring home a bride.” He stands, eyes full of tears, do not know what to say, changed in the face, his mood immediately soured.

Then I felt bad, I hugged him, patted him on the shoulder and said, “Bro, of course I’m happy for you, if you want to get married, there is no objection”. He was so excited, hugged me, almost in tears,” — said Aidar in the program ShowNewsKZ.

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We will remind, Akzhan and Asylzhan were married on 31 August 2019. The wedding was held in one of the restaurants of Almaty, which brought together numerous guests from the bride and family Asha Matai and their famous relatives.

Daughter-in-law the TV presenter told why they Asylzhan by Askarbekova decided to get married. Despite a quite young age, Akzhan has no regrets about his decision. The girl believes that when it comes to love, you shouldn’t walk around and about.

“From the day of our wedding it’s been a month and a half. To this day, many wonder why we took such a serious and responsible step at such a young age.

We believe that if mentally ready, age doesn’t matter. If you met the right person and feel with all my heart that it’s yours, not worth to waste time and wait for a certain age, have a good time or auspicious times. Of course, many people, so many opinions. Importantly, always be confident in yourself and your choice,” admitted Akzhan.

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