Former prisoner attacked child center in Turkestan

Who was at that time in the building an employee was forced to defend themselves with a knife.

bd1b903cb22898bd5d025941a3450c6e - Former prisoner attacked child center in Turkestan

An unknown man attacked at night the center of social and legal support for minors in Turkestan, reports

Center for social and legal support of minors “Chance” opened in Sochi a few days ago. It is led by Anna Ryl. According to her, due to the fact that he was not able to set the alarm in the center remained one of the employees.

“The center has night Prowler. First, our employee called the police 102, the address and described the situation. The operator is first asked her name and that of the center, and then said that the Shymkent and Turkestan and are not hung up. The employee called us in the Nur-Sultan. Hearing this, we rushed to call 102 and found out that it is impossible to forward the call and have to call in another part of Turkestan,” wrote Anna on his page in Facebook.

The head of the center phoned in a call center. The police responded pretty quickly.

“He went to a member of our staff, speaking different words. She realized that he was either drunk, or drugged. The girl managed to get a knife. As he saw it, stopped. But it was clear that he was ready to pounce. By this time the police arrived, he was swept up and she ran to the door”, said Anna Ryl.

The head of the center surprised, like a man in it came in through the broken window and not cut yourself.

“I think he was not alone. He himself said that no one, outside there are people. Here, next to no stairs, nothing there, so you can prop up and climb,” writes Anna.

As it turned out, the robber just recently released from prison and had no documents. And the day before the incident he was arrested for breaking into the home of a single mother, but was released.

In the police Department of the Turkestan region confirmed that the fact really was. The Ministry also said that the fact is registered in eRDR Turkestan under article “Attempt at theft”. All circumstances will be established in the course of the investigation.

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