A video about “VAT refund” tax called the fake

telefon v ruke 2 600x400 - A video about "VAT refund" tax called the fake

As told in Committee, the movie tells the story of “VAT refund” through the use of the citizens of Kazakhstan of the system tax free.

“There is also specified the amount allegedly due for refund, — from 100 000 to 1 500 000 tenge —

said in an official statement. —

The authors of the video are instructed in detail and invite you to go to a specific website. You then need to pay the “service attorney” in the amount of 5 000 tenge. At the end of the video are invited to enter your Bank card details to receive payments.

Also, a roller mounted in episode one of the national channels, which, according to the authors, should strengthen the credibility of the information provided. By the end of 2019 this video has been viewed more than 1 million people.

Taking into account reports from citizens issues, state revenue Committee reports that

this video is not true”

According to the Committee, the tax free system is introduced in pilot mode in shopping center Esentai Mall in Almaty. It will operate until 2022.

“The right to compensation of the VAT in Kazakhstan are foreigners who purchase goods tax free”, —

summed up in the Committee.

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