Driver “Yandex.Taxi” accused of inciting ethnic hatred

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Aboutthe incident in the car of the service “Yandex.Taxi” told the user Facebook Nadila Valitova.

“These are the people who instigate civil wars motivated by ethnic hatred. These are the people who beat and rape women and children, who in their opinion is inappropriate (nationality) wearing.

My daughter is 8 years old. Today she went with me in short shorts. Because July… so in shorts. Let me remind you again, child 8 years, and we weren’t drunk in the club.

In the car screaming music — I in the Russian language are asked to make quieter on the driver, sneer, says to me that since I am a Kazakh, I have to speak only in Kazakh. To argue with these — I know how to play pigeon chess. So I let it pass,” reads the post.

However, this “moralizing” on the driver side is not over — he turned his attention to the daughter Valitova.

“After a while, the driver asks me : “How old is your daughter?” I think to myself, what the hell are we now decided to talk? But the answer is that 8.

— Probably growing up without a father?

— What makes you think that?

— Well, because what kind of parent will be allowed to dress like a Ho girl? The more you Kazakhs! Should be ashamed.

Unfortunately, the man beside me was not, because in such situations I’m for lynching and consider me a hundred times medieval. It is clear that I am not silent as in the beginning with the music. But too late for that thought to turn on the camera . To repeat my point of view daredevil on camera refused” — sums up Almatinka.

She asked the administration of the service to pay attention to the behavior of this driver. Make and model of his car — the Hyundai Elantra, the license plate is 514 A 02.

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