Fivefold increased incidence of Ari and pneumonia in Almaty

800f1fa4f4959a445430f06bd09ad947 600x400 - Fivefold increased incidence of Ari and pneumonia in Almaty

it is written in the publication of the mayor. —

In today’s environment at this level deployed a “virtual hospital”. In clinics established mobile teams to monitor patients with symptoms and confirmed diagnosis COVID-19.

Together with the medical University them. Asfendiyarov based on the Institute of cardiology and internal medicine has opened a Center for monitoring patients. His task — clock observation and treatment of patients at risk. This will allow us to minimize complications at the outpatient level, particularly among the elderly.

Note, in the last month alone in the city 5 times increase in the number of acute respiratory diseases and pneumonia, which we view as a manifestation of the epidemic. Accordingly, dramatically increased the number of calls to the ambulance.

If in may it was reported about 2,5 thousand calls in June — up to 4 thousand calls a day. The average load on one brigade has doubled and amounts to 19 challenges.”

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