The doctors spoke about the terrible consequences of office work

Specialists recognize conditions in offices adverse to health because workers are sick.

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This was said at the Scientific-research Institute of occupational medicine named after academician N. F. Izmerova (Russia), reports RIA Novosti.

“The main reason for this situation is the deterioration of air quality in office buildings, primarily due to improperly organized ventilation and insufficient air exchange, hard work with computer, overcrowding of staff in the premises,” the researchers note.

Dangerous consequences of this work, experts also attributed the neuroses and anxiety that develop on the background of frequent stress due to the high professional requirements, the lack of support in the team or worthy of reward, and fear of losing their jobs.

Psychological problems, in turn, can lead to the development of organic diseases such as nervous and cardiovascular systems

According to scientists, the problems at work also fraught with reproductive disorders.

To avoid problems due to sedentary nature of work, the office worker should pay the time charge, said the doctor Ludmila paw.

Every hour need to walk, jump, stretch for 15 minutes. You need to exercise, muscle loading, to avoid inactivity. These small request will help to maintain a healthy lifestyle, — said the doctor.

Equally important not to forget to drink water or tea, which will help to reduce the load on the kidneys and restore the vessels, said the medic.

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