The doctor has given advice to maintain perspective

To spend more time on the street, to make pauses when working at the computer and wear sun glasses.

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In an interview with RIA Novosti expressed Stuart keel, who expert on prevention of blindness and deafness.

Usually people do not know about the signs that led to the deterioration of vision, particularly glaucoma or blindness due to diabetes. So it is important that all people passed the regular inspection at the ophthalmologist, in order to identify issues at an early stage and could be cured in the right way, — said keel.

According to him, there is no uniform standard, how often must pass such an examination, however, if you are aged over 50 years or when working in difficult weather or other conditions, it is necessary to visit an ophthalmologist every two years. And if you have diabetes – once a year. Regular medical examination must be held for those who are constantly working with computer.

— Dry eyes and work on the computer linked. Typically, when working on the computer, don’t blink often. The dryness can be annoying, but it can be easily overcome by using the correct eye drops. But these people, regardless of, whether they exceed the age of 50 should undergo regular inspection. In order to detect signs of possible eye diseases, including glaucoma, — said the expert.

There is no clear research as to whether modern children impaired vision due to frequent sitting at the computer, the use of gadgets or training with the aid of electronic boards. However, the more time the child is outside the home, on the street, the more chances that this will slow vision loss and reduce the rate of myopia development.

— General recommendation is that you need to spend more time outdoors. If we talk about nearsightedness, or myopia, there are many conditions that affect the development of these diseases. One of them is genetics, which we are not able to change. Another is the greater the amount of time that people must spend on the street than in front of computer screens, stressed keel.

Who expert added that it is also necessary to observe a certain distance when reading paper books or electronic media in the metro or other transport.

— Working distance here plays a role, and you should try to read at least 30 inches from the eye. I know that some children, for example, tend to hold the book closer to the eyes. And they need to be encouraged to keep a distance, he said.

Also a good way to protect yourself from ocular pathologies is wearing sun glasses. Especially in difficult climatic conditions.

This is a good way to protect yourself from other ocular pathologies. For example, from pterygium when the corneal surface is overgrown with conjunctiva. This is attributed to increased sun exposure or dust. So wearing sunglasses may help to prevent such things — said keel.

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