Entered into force a new law on housing and communal services

8742053a5a20c716786b80f54e7d1984 e1578472841736 600x400 - Entered into force a new law on housing and communal services

About it reports a press-service of the Ministry of industry and infrastructural development. In particular, the document provides:

  • the resolution and optimization of the procedure for the registration of a residential apartment house (MOR) as the object of condominium;
  • ensuring the rights of owners of apartments and non-residential premises management of the Moscow railway;
  • the regulation of MOR and Trustee management company;
  • the introduction of a new mechanism of capital repair of common property of object of condominium;
  • regulation of issues such as obtaining consent of the residents in the refurbishment and change of functional purpose of premises of MOR, application of national standards to ensure safe operation of elevators, certification of service providers in this direction and the digitalization of the housing sector.

The citizens received many complaints about the misuse of the common property of the apartment house. Under the new law, you must register MOR as the subject condominium, which clearly will be determined by the total area of the house, including the land and the share of each apartment and non-residential premises. That is

sale or lease of the common property without the consent of the owners of the apartments will be strictly prohibited

Some unscrupulous construction companies, before you register a house, sold the basement and ground floor of the common property. Under the new law

area of common property of object of the condominium will be determined at the design stage MOR

To date, the MOR is mainly managed by cooperatives of owners of apartments (KSK), management companies and other organizations. However, their activities also had a lot of questions.

There were cases when developers after the completion of the house was created by affiliated management companies to further control houses without the consent of the apartment owners. In accordance with the new law

the owners of apartments and non-residential premises are required to choose one of the two forms of governance: Association of owners of the property (AXIS) the legal entity or ordinary partnership –

direct joint control of all owners of apartments and non-residential premises without forming a legal entity.

Both forms of control will work according to the principle “one house – one Association – one account”. This implies that

residents of each house will be to open your own chequing and savings accounts, controlling and using them independently

According to the law, the meeting of apartment owners is the highest governing body, providing for collective discussion and decision-making of apartment owners, non-residential premises associated with the management of the condominium and maintain the common property.

The Assembly elects the members of the Board, the audit Committee and may suspend their powers at the discontent of their activities. Choose the form of home control and approves a spending plan. Taking such important decisions as the overhaul of the house, the lease of the common property.

The law also clearly explained to the person or management company, which is vested with the responsibility of managing a building about their rights and responsibilities.

Will be introduced new arrangements for capital repair of common property

Is determined by the collection owners of the means to these objectives, conditions of security and insurance, the amount of funds deposited into a savings account.

In addition,

non-residential premises must be isolated from the apartments and have a separate entrance. This requirement now applies to hostels

The law also supplemented the duties of owners of apartments and non-residential premises, as well as employers. In particular, the observance of silence at night, including the failure in the apartment, non-residential premises and off followed by the noise of the works is not related to the urgent necessity that prevents normal rest and tranquility of the citizens, the consumption of tobacco products in specific places.

A number of measures and to solve problems in the field of safe operation of elevators. In these purposes of the developed national standard and provides certification of entities engaged in the provision of services in this area.

In the framework of the law

local Executive authorities vested with competence of the state supervision of safe operation of hazardous technical devices on the objects of social infrastructure, including elevators, escalators

In order to ensure the transparency of all business processes in the housing sector and improve cooperation between all parties will be performed digitalization of the industry. Will be introduced to electronic information resources and information systems.

In General, the new law is aimed at promoting the improvement of content of apartment houses, raising to a new level of activity of the enterprises owners of the property and encourage owners of apartments and non-residential premises to actively participate in the management of common property and addressing emerging issues.

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