In Almaty region conducted a monitoring of prices for medicines

anti-corruption service of the Almaty region on 11 and 12 July this year, continued monitoring of pharmacies the southern region area for the presence of drugs, as well as installed on these prices with the participation of the head of Department anti-corruption Ernar n, representatives of local Executive aranow, a Special monitoring group, “Zhetysu adaldag Alans”, mass media, deputies of maslikhat, the local police service and employees of SES.

So, the monitoring group visited the pharmacy, ili, Talgar and Enbekshikazakh areas.

During the monitoring, the working group found that in the majority of pharmacies received a much needed drugs and medicines for the treatment of colds and viral illness.

Thus, it should be noted that in almost all pharmacies prices does not exceed the limit established price, and there are masks and gloves.

However, when monitoring on the treatment of citizens revealed that the pharmacy Otegen Batyr village, let alone a cure for SARS “Ingavirin 90” (in which 7 capsules) at an inflated price 8,500 tenge, the cost of which, in accordance with information of the official website of “e.zan” is 4,291 tenge per pack.

This fact is registered in the police Department of the ili district in the following will be submitted to the Department of control of quality and safety of goods and services to compile a Protocol on administrative offense under article 426 part 1 of the administrative code.

In addition, the monitoring group reported cases of sale of medicines without receipt due to disabled cash registers.

“These facts are a direction to authorities for appropriate action. As shown by the results of the monitoring in large pharmacies there are drugs of first necessity, antipyretic, antiviral, etc. today pharmacies are operating normally and live stage, as previously not observed. Anti-corruption service of the Almaty region will be to continue this work”, — said Ekaterina Makazhanov.

He also called on citizens in cases of an unjustified increase of prices for medicines in pharmacies, please contact on WhatsApp on the number: 8 708 427 0503 and 8 702 000 24 94.

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