In Almaty commemorated the famous General

Laid flowers at the memorial plaque of General of the army, Hero of the Soviet Union and Halyk Kaharmany Sagadat Nurmagambetov.

f85352bbc47130237a93e28353bcca54 - In Almaty commemorated the famous GeneralPhoto: DDO Almaty

The ceremony took place at the intersection of Tulebaev and Zhambyl. Nurmagambetov died six years ago, in 2013. His memory came to honor relatives, friends, colleagues, Almaty garrison servicemen, and the leadership of the Department on defense Affairs of Almaty.

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Photo: DDO Almaty

Nursultan Nazarbayev, Nurmagambetov appointing to the post of Minister of defence, noted that “only he — warrior, seasoned by experience — can lead the it Department”.

— History of Kazakhstan will not allow to forget the name of the person whose way of life was laid the bloody blade and cannon volleys. Among the defense Ministers of the Commonwealth of independent States (CIS) in the years of establishment and development of sovereign republics he was the only participant of the great Patriotic war, — said major General Pavel Novikov.

The post of Minister of defense Sagadat kozhahmetovich proved himself as a statesman, military leader and diplomat. He created the army today successfully performs its tasks — is the guardian of the homeland, protecting the peaceful lives of our citizens.

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