In Almaty passed the “anti-corruption workshops”

The special monitoring group of the anti-corruption services in the face of Public Fund Zertteu began implementation of seminars “anti-corruption workshops”.

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YOU Monday, 14 October, a master class was held in Almaty with the support of the city Department with the participation of the members of the Special monitoring team, project office “Almaty – Amaldi Alay”, community leaders and other active citizens.

Representatives of the public Fund told about the aims and objectives of the anti-corruption workshop on legislation in the field of anti-corruption reforms and mechanisms of a struggle.

The seminar participants discussed cases of corruption cases and its prevention, exchanged thoughts and new ideas that eventually formed the joint memo of counteraction of corruption in different spheres of life.

“Such open areas and seminars allow you to cooperate in the correct solution of the problematic issues. I want to encourage citizens to get actively involved in the formation and implementation of anti-corruption policy”, — said the first Deputy head of the Almaty anti-corruption Department Daniyar Taumurat.

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