In India sell protective masks of gold

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A jewellery shop in the Indian city of Surat (Gujarat) on the background of the pandemic coronavirus (the country has more than 820 thousand infected, of which more than 22 thousand were killed) began selling protective masks, decorated with diamonds, reports

The store owner Deepak of Choksi said that the idea to sell the mask with diamonds came to him when, after the lifting of the quarantine to his shop a man came in search of some unique masks for the bride and groom at the wedding ceremony.

“We then tasked our designers to make the masks that the client bought. After this we have produced a wide range of such masks… a mask of yellow and white gold, sprinkled with diamonds, they cost from 2000 to 5000 dollars”, — said the store owner.

He says that the mask is made according to the rules and standards of protective products. And diamonds and gold insert can be removed at the request of the client and to make of them other jewelry.

Sell in India, and masks made entirely of gold. So, in the Indian state Maharashtra, a local resident Shankar Korade ordered a Golden mask for almost $ 4,000.

He decided to wear the Golden mask after he saw a man in a mask of silver. Courage loves gold and he has a lot of heavy gold chains and rings, and he asked a local jeweler to make him a Golden mask. It weighs 57 grams, but it is worth 3,870 USD (in rupees).

The mask has small breathing holes. But, of course, no protection this product provides. So either the gold mask should be put on this medical mask, or to always abide by social distance.

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