Kazakhstan to establish national control of work of medical institutions

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Kazakhstan to establish national control of healthcare organisations. This was stated by the Minister of health of Kazakhstan Alexey Tsoi on his page in Facebook.

Alexey Tsoy has told that saw the post Aida Boyevoy, which a few months on a voluntary basis helps the doctors and nurses in hospitals.

“I saw on Facebook the address of Aida Boyevoy. Subscribers dropped its contact phone number. Phoned.

Today many caring people come to me with offers of help in bringing to the public an objective picture, explaining simple advice for treatment, charitable assistance, and more. We have agreed to establish people’s control of people who are ready to independently look at the situation within healthcare organizations. To assess the real picture. Give suggestions how to help if the drugs that all employees are sufficiently protected as treated patients, does the guidance give sufficient attention to staff and patients, etc., and if it is necessary to take tough measures, especially in cases of corruption and resale of drugs”, — stated in the message.

According to the head of the Ministry of health, Aida agreed to work in this direction, as well as travel to the regions to assess the activities of medical institutions. In addition, the project to join the national volunteer network.

“Access to health-care organizations, we provide. The results will make concrete decisions to improve the situation in manual mode,” — said Alexey Tsoy.

The Minister stressed that the activities of public enterprises will be publicized in the media, and expressed the hope that the epidemic of coronavirus is stable.

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