In Karaganda caught traffickers of counterfeit currency

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In counterfeit euros accuse the investigators of Department of economic investigations, two residents of Karaganda – he is charged with 25 counts of distribution of banknotes in denominations of 500 euros, reports

“Counterfeit banknotes of 500 euros was made abroad, not in Kazakhstan. Set of 25 episodes. The criminal case was submitted to the court to analyze the evidence and sentencing. The distribution was carried out in different regions of the country,” — said Daniyar of art by akzhana.

From the beginning of 2020 in Karaganda region on economic crimes was 74 criminal cases.

“Over the last three years of the shadow displayed more than 1,300 entrepreneurs without registration. Was stopped the illegal sale of alcohol of more than 63 million liters, tobacco products — about 11 thousand packs, petroleum — 503 554 litres,” reported on interim results of the fight against the shadow economy Daniyar of art by akzhana.

The region has a “roadmap 2020” to reduce the shadow economy, the protection of business and anti-corruption. Identified six key priorities: “Stop encashment” (cashing and tax evasion), “Casino” (illegal gambling), “Kazyna” (the theft of budget funds); the Courier (smuggling), “Caution: fake!” (counterfeiting), “Barrel” (illegal turnover of oil and oil products).

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