Nur-Sultan 10-fold decrease in the number of calls in “fast” on KVI

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Thanks to quarantine measures and the strengthening of outpatient treatment in polyclinics, the number of cases and calls for an ambulance in Nur-Sultan continues to decline, the press service of the akimat of the capital.

“There is a significant decrease in the load on medical facilities and our doctors. So, the number of calls to emergency medical care decreased from 3 thousand to less than 1 thousand per day, including KVI decreased from 500 to 51, is 10 times. With pneumonia 5 times. To continue and strengthen the momentum in reducing the spread of coronavirus, it is necessary to observe strict sannora,” — said the head of the Department of public health, Timur Muratov.

We will remind, in the capital on July 28 was closed the first infectious diseases hospital located at the city mental health Center. August 1 closed makeshift hospital on the basis of the main clinical hospital of the defense Ministry and the infectious hospital on the premises of the hotel Ramada Plaza. In these institutions recovered all of the patients.

Week three hospitals have begun to provide routine medical care: a multidisciplinary children’s city hospital №1 and 2, hospital No. 2.

While Timur Muratov said that infectious and makeshift hospitals have to be ready to re-open with sufficient number of seats. In the reserve there are additional objects.

Across the country in connection with the stabilization of the epidemiology of coronavirus infection started closing hospitals and reducing beds.

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