Nur-Sultan presented a book about modern Kazakhstan’s statehood

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Supreme Court Chairman Zhakyp Asanov made the presentation of the English version of the book “the Formation and development of the modern Kazakh state,” the press service of the Supreme court.

Online presentation organised an international financial center “Astana” together with Fund of Nursultan Nazarbayev to the anniversary of the First President of Kazakhstan.

Speaking, the Chairman of the armed forces expressed confidence in the fact that for English-speaking audiences, the publication will be the source of the objective information about the formation of our statehood, the role of the Leader. The speaker noted that when he began work on the book, he headed the General Prosecutor’s office and in his article published in the publication, spoke about the stages of development of the Prosecutor’s office, principles of exercise its powers and other.

Asanov told how the head of State in difficult 90-e years of the formation of the state, strong-willed attitude itself literally led the fight against crime. Every day law enforcement agencies reported to him what they do to improve the situation.

“Thanks to this we have steadily began to decline crime. And now 24 years in a row there has been a steady trend to reduce the most dangerous crimes. It’s murder, grievous bodily harm, robbery. It is for these types of crime assess security in the country. Murders today in comparison with the most prosperous 80 less doubled, although the population grew by 25%,” he said.

If in 90 years in prison were 100 thousand, now 3 times less than 30 thousand if I was in the top three world leaders in the prison population, today — to the hundredth place.

“All this is the effect of the criminal policy pursued by our President. Thanks to live and work in Kazakhstan with each year becoming safer. But not all that noticeable. Why? Because everything is open. The Internet. Every day someone is beaten, robbed. Each crime discussed throughout the country. Therefore, it seems that crime is off the charts. But before all this none knew”, — said the speaker.

The Chairman of the SC on the examples talked about the humanization of the legislation: reducing the time of detention of the person without a warrant from 72 hours to 48, and minors up to 24 hours; expanding the powers of the legal profession, the optimization of investigation and digitalization of the law enforcement system; introducing the institution of the investigative judge to ensure prompt judicial control during the pretrial proceedings; the transfer of the Prosecutor’s office of its authority to the court and reducing the participation of the procuracy in civil proceedings.

“We are all witnesses of what is happening in the country transformations. They show the social orientation of our Republic. Today there is man as the Supreme value of society. This policy of the President adhered to from the beginning — a national Strategy “Kazakhstan-2030”, — said in conclusion, Zh. Assanov.

During the presentation were also made by the Deputy Executive Director of the Fund of Nursultan Nazarbayev Igor Rogov, Manager of IFCA Kairat Kelimbetov, the Chairman of the constitutional Council Until of Sapac, the Chairman of the Latvian constitutional court Ineta Ziemele, Minister of justice Marat Beketaev, Chairman MATZ IFCA Barbara Dohmann, member of the Academic Council of IFCA Bakhytzhan Abdraim and academician of the Academy of Sciences in the specialty of iazykoznanii Cherubi Kurmanbayuly.

In the book “the Formation and development of the modern Kazakh state,” the role of the President in the establishment and consolidation of modern statehood of sovereign Kazakhstan.

The edition tells about the process of formation and development of the country under the leadership of the Nation, the stages of formation and modernization of the institutions of governance of the state. The submissions of excerpts from books.And.Nazarbayev about consolidating a society’s values, the theory of the Kazakhstan constitutionalism and the history of the creation of the Basic law, fragments of speeches the leader of the nation, articles of civil servants and scientists, working at different times under the leadership of Elbasy.

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