Working in Petropavlovsk CHP-2 fell into a burning ash

Bolnitsa e1510309353796 600x400 - Working in Petropavlovsk CHP-2 fell into a burning ash

Currently the victim is in serious condition in intensive care 3-th city hospital, where they undergo intensive therapy, reports Sputnik Kazakhstan.

According to the doctor of the trauma Department of the 3rd city hospital Meiram Ospanova, when entering the state of a work regarded as extremely serious.

“He’s in the stage of severe burn shock. The total area of destruction was about 80%. The full scope of measures for the relief of burn shock he carried out,” said Meiram Ospanov.

The doctors decided to introduce the patient into a drug-induced sleep state to a state of shock is not worsened. The doctors cannot make any predictions, because I can not yet accurately determine the depth of skin lesions. The degree of damage to the skin can be assessed in about a week.

In “sevkazenergo”, which includes the Petropavlovsk CHPP-2, noted that the company under investigation.

“The driver suffered burns in the course of works on cleaning of the boiler slag removal. “Sevkazenergo” organized assistance for the provision of necessary medicines, blood collection,” — said the chief engineer of Petropavlovsk CHP-2 Vadim Yagodin.

On this fact under investigation, the results of which will determine the degree of culpability in the incident and the employer and the employee.

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