Russia ended the test of the vaccine against coronavirus

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In Russia completed testing the world’s first vaccine against the coronavirus, according to

“Sechenovskiy University have successfully completed tests on volunteers the world’s first vaccine against the coronavirus,” — said the Director of the Institute for translational medicine and biotechnology sechenovskiy University Vadim Tarasov.

In turn, Director of the Institute of medical Parasitology, tropical and vector-borne diseases sechenovskiy University Alexander Lukashev said that the objective of this phase of the study was to demonstrate the safety of the vaccine for human health, and that was done.

Tarasov explained that the volunteers were long in isolation had limited contact with the outside world before the start of the test to exclude infection with coronavirus.

According to him, prolonged isolation affected the psychological condition of the volunteers in the study, conflictual, increased emotional tension. In connection with this work was connected to the psychologists, in order to reduce the tension.

Further plan the development of a vaccine is determined by the strategy of the developer, including the complexity of the epidemiology of the virus and the ability to scale production, said Lukashev.

Informed Tarasov announced that the drug against the coronavirus is a recombinant adenoviral vaccine, which, in fact, is lifeless and artificial. According to him, in fact, it did not contain parts of the coronavirus.

“The principle of its operation is that it should cause immunity, immune response, similar to the immune response that occurs in the coronavirus,” said the scientist.

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