In Tekeli inaugurated a 25-meter flagpole

b0e547c7f6bf999f408ca535f98eaed6 - In Tekeli inaugurated a 25-meter flagpole

This project was implemented in the framework of the program “employment Road map-2020”. Installation of the flagpole was made of too “Nurgazy Kurylys”. For construction work through the employment Center was engaged by the residents of the city.

On the same day, in Tekeli completed repair work on another important social facility — open Playground. Construction and installation work, within the program “employment roadmap”, conducted LLP “Elit Stroy 2000”.

In General, according to Tekeli in the framework of the “employment roadmap” provides for the implementation of 13 projects for a total amount of 1 billion 837 million 10 thousand tenge. Today is the overhaul of the secondary school №6, maintenance of sports grounds, repair of streets and roads of the city, and also installed lighting on the banks of the river Cora.

Through this program envisages the creation of over 200 jobs. In particular, 56 people are involved in the overhaul of objects of education, 81 people are to capital repair of roads, 58 — to the improvement of human settlements, 19 — for the installation of street lighting.

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