Civil servants of Almaty explained the new anti-corruption rules

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The speakers were the head of the Department of Dastan Sekenov and first Deputy head of the Anticorruption service of Almaty Daniyar Taumurat, as well as representatives of the city public. During the briefing the head of the Department of Dastan Sekenov informed about the possibility of appointment to public service graduates of foreign universities and other entities.

— Now the changes in the legislation appeared the ability for non-competitive appointment to the public service of graduates of leading foreign universities, as well as persons with experience in international, transnational and foreign companies, leaders in quasi-public sector entities — the speech of the speaker.

It was also said about the abolition of the probationary period for persons re-entering the civil service, except those who had been dismissed by results of their performance assessment, probation, the outcome of the assessment or for negative reasons. A probationary period is established to determine the ability of candidate to fulfill official duties.

In order to strengthen the ethics of civil servants to impose restrictions on the positions in the order of transfer and results of internal competition in the presence of a civil servant previously disciplinary sanctions for violation of ethics.

In addition, speakers noted the importance of innovation on the personal responsibility of heads for corruption offences of their subordinates and for failing to prevent corruption.

It should be noted that this provision is included in the Act on the direct instructions of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Tokayev. The head of state stressed the importance of introducing the Institute of the resignation of the first heads of state bodies for corruption of subordinates.

From now on, political public servants, and that Ministers and their deputies, mayors and Deputy mayors of regions, cities of Nur-Sultan, Almaty, Shymkent, and mayors of the districts are obliged to resign in case of their direct subordinates commit corruption crimes.

— According to the amendments introduced to the legislation, the first charge must resign within 10 calendar days after the entry into force of a judgment of conviction or the termination of criminal proceedings on non-rehabilitating grounds in relation to his immediate subordinate, said at a briefing Taumurat.

Introduced also the responsibility for the systematic disregard for its responsibilities under the prevention of corruption in the team, leading to unfavorable terms of the situation of corruption in his government Agency or unit.

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