Mushrooms protect men from cancer – scientists

Regular consumption of mushrooms protects against the appearance of the most common cancer among men — prostate cancer.

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To such conclusion scientists from Tohoku University (Japan), reports “Magicforum”. Under observation for long periods of time were 36.5 thousand men aged 40 to 79 years. The men were tracked features diet and levels of physical activity, the presence of harmful habits (Smoking and alcohol consumption), the factors of education and family history of the disease.

During the period of observation of the total number of participants and 3.3% of the cancer of the prostate. Researchers have concluded that regular consumption of mushrooms is associated with a lower risk of prostate cancer, regardless of how many fruits and vegetables, meat or dairy products included in the men’s diet.

“Those of the men who had used mushrooms once or twice a week had an 8% reduced risk of developing the disease than those who ate mushrooms regularly,” — said the authors of the project.

Leading specialist of the study Shu Zhang stated that mushrooms are a good source of antioxidants, especially L-ergothioneine. This substance alleviates oxidative stress and cell imbalance, and prevents the inflammation associated with the harmful effects of environmental toxins.

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