Dariga Nazarbayev, congratulated Orthodox Christians on the holiday

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Dariga Nazarbayeva sent to Metropolitan of Astana and Kazakhstan Alexander congratulations on Orthodox Christmas, reports the press service of the Senate.

“I congratulate You and all Orthodox believers of Kazakhstan on the bright holiday of Christmas.

Christmas is a celebration of eternal spiritual values that unite the representatives of different peoples and cultures.

Filling people’s hearts with love, charity, compassion for one’s neighbor, the Christmas days are taught to appreciate life and to live in harmony with others. Along with this holiday comes peace, kindness, good thoughts and deeds.

All these values are close to every member of the Kazakhstan companies. Thanks to them our country is dynamically moving forward, strengthens social well-being and spiritual harmony, developing the economy.

In this holiday, I sincerely wish each of us peace, goodness, love, and prosperity” — said in the letter.

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