Two workers died under the rubble of ground in Shymkent

November 8 at 20:54 on the control panel of the operational duty, it was reported that in the residential district Nursat-3 Avenue Nazarbayev when carrying out excavation work of LLP “Yugstroyservis-N” there was a collapse of the soil of the earth. Under the ground proved to be 3 vehicles (1 loader, 1 excavator and 1 roller) with 3 drivers, the press service of CES MIA RK.

Excavation depth of 20-25 meters, the size 37х37м. The place at 20:55 was directed rescue units of operational-rescue team. As a result of search and rescue operations from the rubble was rescued by a young man born in 1993 Brigade Centre of disaster medicine gave him first aid and transferred to the arriving ambulance. Currently assigned to outpatient treatment in satisfactory condition.

About 21.40, rescuers recovered the man born in 1969 In 22.49 began to search for men born in 1965, whose body was recovered after a lengthy search operation. Both workers died at the scene. Search-and-rescue work lasted about 5 hours.

At the scene were involved 40 staff of the emergency Department of Shymkent and 11 units of equipment, employees of the police Department, local Executive bodies, emergency medical service and the workers too.

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