Two-year-old fell into a manhole in the center of Ekibastuz

The incident occurred on 12 October at 12.00 near the city center of culture “Oner”.

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The boy was hospitalized in resuscitation unit of the Central hospital of Ekibastuz, reports

According to the parents of the child, and the baby was playing near the flower beds near the main entrance to HCC. When the mother lost sight of him, the parents rushed to find. Noticing an open manhole they rushed to him. The father himself took fallen son from the hatch.

Doctors diagnosed the child brain concussion, closed cherepno-a brain trauma and head injury.

The akimat of Ekibastuz reported that on the territory of the cultural center were canned for the winter fountain. Workers of construction Department opened the hatch to remove the taps and not closed. At the moment the manhole cover welded shut.

The parents intend to bring to justice the perpetrators, leaving the door open.

Investigating the incident involved the police. The fact of the fall of the child registered in the unified register of pre-judicial investigations.

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