Dozens of sewing shops engaged in the production of masks

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Of this number 265 thousand masks produced by pharmaceutical companies, and the rest sewing. 687 thousand masks is in the warehouses, said the Ministry of industry and infrastructural development.

Information for the production of medical products passed the industrial Department in LLP “SK-pharmacy” engaged in the sale of protective masks. Distribution of masks by regions the Ministry of health.

Gauze and fabric face masks are implemented on a contractual basis with local authorities. Masks around the clock to produce the following domestic companies: LLP “Dolce” (Almaty region), LLP “Super pharm” (Zhambyl region), LLP “Mega Pharma” (Zhambyl region), LLP “Medical Active Group” (Almaty) LLP “Merusar” (Pavlodar) LLP “TK-farm Aktobe” (Aktobe).

The efforts of Central and local public authorities to the production of masks attracted more than 70 garment enterprises. Among them too “Dalatex” (Kyzylorda), LLP “Bolshevik” (Kostanai), LLP “Eco-farm” (Shymkent), LLP “As a farm” (East Kazakhstan region), JSC “Tynys” (Kokshetau), LLP “Cablegram” (Almaty) LLP “Zanaris” (Mangistau region).

To ensure the apparel and pharmaceutical companies with raw materials for the production of masks by the Ministry of industry and infrastructure development jointly with LLP “Azala Textile” study the issue of launching production of gauze. To date and running three machines with a capacity of 3.6 thousand meters of gauze a day.

The production cycle is adjusted in accordance with the international standard. The company also produces bleached cotton fabric with low density (calico, calico).

The manufacture and sale of protective masks for repeated use of cotton fabrics does not require registration, a licence, as this type of product is not a medical product and does not fall under the technical regulations of the Eurasian economic Union “About safety of means of individual protection”. Enterprise in accordance with the law have the right to produce and sell the products by the standard organization, if the product is not covered by the technical regulations.

Today the capacity of all pharmaceutical and clothing companies, with a full load can produce up to 1 million masks a day.

Domestic garment enterprises producing reusable four-, eight – and 16-ply masks of cotton fabrics (gauze, calico, muslin). As medical masks, they are used as a preventive measure as a barrier to direct transmission of infectious particles from the wearer of the mask to others. Also, the mask protects the face of the media from splashing into the air.

Actively manufactured in the Republic and disinfectants. For example, JSC “caustic” in Pavlodar is able to produce annually up to 6.6 thousand tonnes of these funds. Not inferior to him in power and a number of other enterprises of similar profile. Thus, the capacity of LLP “Aurora” (Almaty) — 10 thousand tons per year, LLP “Microhim” (Almaty) — 6 thousand liters per day, of too Raduga (North Kazakhstan region) — 4-7 thousand liters per day.

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