Children’s slides wrapped with wire in Karaganda

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Want to borrow 500 tenge per hour of riding. On some slides this price is for half an hour, according to

A fee for the rides taken in the Central Park and on the Avenue of the Builders in the South-East of Karaganda. Tubing rental costs 500 tenge, without it, entrance to the hill is closed.

One of the entrepreneurs that in his absence no one rode entangled the hill in several places with a metal wire. Traumatic protection appeared on the descent from the hill and stairwells. His actions caused outrage among citizens.

The Park management have assured that have no relation to the hill, protected traumatic wire.

According to management, with the entrepreneur signed a seasonal contract on joint activity.

“The wire was strung in order to the lack of trainers in security no one exploited her. After all, the owner slides under the agreement is responsible for any emergency on the hill. The people responsible for their operation, can not be on the site permanently. So after hours the descent from the hill and drawn wire. Neither the administration nor the management of parks, culture, recreation and gardens do not have to do with this”, – emphasized in the management of parks.

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