Dinara Baktybaeva married at a distance

Dinara Baktybaeva acquired a new social status. Today she is a full wife. Mesac ago and Dinara Arman has applied for registration of marriage. Withthe most important decision in their life buduma wife, can be said to have taken online.

“27.02.20. Met in the distance. I was joking, they say, we’re getting married on the distance, and children must also have. Almost and left — Amana sent the request, while in Atyrau, and I confirmed, while in Almaty! And, TA-Dah, we’re married!” — said Dinara.

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Photo: social networks

The actress is very long concealed the name of his beloved and showed it just at the beginning of this month. A week ago was held the ceremony of “Sirga fat”. The groom’s relatives met Dinara songs, arranged betashar, and then put on her earrings and scarf.

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