Blocked the road in Aktobe region

metel e1520239260715 600x400 - Blocked the road in Aktobe region

The Committee for emergency situations of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Kazakhstan warns about closed roads due to the bad weather in Aktobe region.

According to LLP “Kazavtodor”, because of snow and ice restricted movement at the site of road of Republican value “Samara-Shymkent” (710-615 km Aktobe-p. Kobda) for passenger and cargo transport.

In addition, due to the deterioration of weather conditions the traffic is closed on sections of road of regional significance: “the city-wil-Kobda and Salt.Iletsk” (0-265 km, port city p. Kobda) and “Aktobe-Bulgarian-Shubarkuduk” (17-190 km, p. Sazda-p. Shubarkuduk) for all types of vehicles.

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