The wife of Eagle said: “I’m not perfect”

I am what I am and it’s great because I am one. God created me with so much love and wanted me to be happy! So why shouldn’t I accept myself for who I am? The world is so much happiness to find and I really want to see him in everything! And you know, every woman on earth is unique, so unique! As there are no identical pearls, so you will not find any identical girls, girls, women! And that’s the beauty! There is no ideals, there is only a state of comfort, health, happiness, fulfillment, love, gratitude and goodness! Here’s what you need to start when looking for the ideal! And need to be leveled only on himself yesterday and is getting even better!

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Of course, I can upload only those pictures where I painted and with the hair and figure, otfotoshopte! But that’s not true, there is not much life, and here I am real and I gratefully accept what I have! And I wish all women to accept ourselves with love for what it is! Love yourself as God loves you (and he likes us) And I sincerely wish you all happiness!”

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