Abandoned buildings will replace schools and hospitals, – Sagintayev

Akim of Almaty instructed to find a use for vacant buildings and sites.

c40cdd6d935e3f8d3aee541521ff22f8 - Abandoned buildings will replace schools and hospitals, – SagintayevPhoto: sagintayev.b / Instagram

“Today, we examined the issues of “revival” idle facilities — production facilities, unfinished buildings, obsolete buildings, vacant lots. Total identified more than 50 such objects, from which neither the city nor the residents no good,” wrote Bakytzhan Sagintayev in Instagram.

He stressed that the location of such facilities should be available socially significant enterprises.

“I set the task to approach prudently: to attract business and private investment. Involving in economic circulation of idle assets will provide additional revenues and will create new jobs. In place of demolished buildings or on vacant sites in the first place, to build social facilities — kindergartens, schools, clinics,” — concluded the mayor.

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