For incorrect phone number when registering a car will be punished

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In the police Department of Almaty reminded about the changes to the administrative code. Pay special attention to paragraph 4 of article 743 p. 4-1 Crabp.

“The subscriber will be sent a text message to the cell phone number of communications about the presence of traffic violations issued in the form of instructions on necessity of payment of a fine.

According to article 743, paragraph 5 Crabp, the person in respect of which the proceedings of an administrative offense, signed familiarization with what specified address and place of residence are valid and the notice sent to these contacts will be considered as appropriate and sufficient, therefore” — said the police.

The authorities added that “with the registration of the vehicle, the owner of the vehicle that provide information about place of residence, email address and contact number responsible for the accuracy of the data provided,” — concluded in Almaty DP.

Paragraph 4, article 743 p. 4-1 Crabp:

“The requirement about necessity of payment of the fine will be recognized as duly delivered when sending a text message to the subscriber number of cellular communication specified by the vehicle owner on a web portal of “electronic government” and information service of the authorized body in the field of legal statistics and special accounts, to receive notifications about delivered to his address regulations about the need to pay penalty”

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